100% Natural Hemp Fire Starter

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Sweet Heal is proud to introduce our very first hemp sustainability product – a reliable, efficient fire starter.
We are passionate about creating a whole new category of consumer goods using 100% recycled, American-grown hemp.
First, we grow a high quality hemp using sustainable practices.
After harvest, we carefully extract the entire profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, sugars, lipids, and chlorophyll from the choicest plant material.
Through the beneficial process of extraction, we make available the healing compounds of the hemp plants for use in our therapeutic cbd products.
But, extraction also produces waste by-products that typically are not valued, and are usually just thrown away or composted.
We decided to add value back to these hemp plant by-products, by inventing practical living goods for anyone.You will be excited to see how fast the fire starter takes a flame.
Wind does not impact the rate of combustion.
We mastered this result with only a few 100% natural ingredients, combined with our genuine passion to provide a consistent, quality fire-craft experience.
Extra attention was paid to formulating a beautiful smell, making sure
that there is absolutely no smell of hemp or cannabis that comes from this fire starter.
All of the cannabinoids, the cbd and others, have been removed so that there are no effect typical of burning cannabis.
This country has once again put hemp in the forefront where it belongs, and launched
a brand n ew industry, perfect for these times.
And this American hemp industry is filled with phenomenal farmers, and incredible people who are doing an amazing job bringing cbd products to our communities.