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  • The lotion has been amazing for my dry hands. Has cleared up spots of eczema in just a day or two. Love it!!! Highly recommend this product line!

    – JQ

  • I have been using Sweet Heal 2oz unscented lotion 350 MG CBD for about a week. There have been great results with my eczema, the redness and inching is gone.

    – PD

  • I have been suffering from a dislocated knee for about eight months and I frequently experience stiff knee. I couldn’t exercise confidently because I was too afraid of hurting myself again. After using Sweet Heal’s topical cream I’m moving around way better! I can jump around and dance just like I use to! I swear by this stuff! Thank you guys, this is an awesome product!

    – SM

  • Last week, I had a very bad night with both feet cramping. I figured I would try Sweet Heal’s product to see if it worked. I put it on only one foot and in ten minutes it stopped cramping. Of course I immediately applied it to my other foot as well. This stuff really works to take away those nasty nighttime muscle cramps!

    – SB

  • I was a baseball player in college and underwent a couple of wrist surgeries. Over the year, they gotten more stiff and painful.using the topical CBD lotion from Sweet Heal has reduced my pain level considerably, and has made daily activities more tolerable and spasms in my arthritic lower back. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks!